Knowledge creates health!

With this in mind, the Biogena Academy was founded. Biogena is considered a knowledge company - with our own science team and our own research work, as well as research collaborations, we gather diverse knowledge on the subject of micronutrients. We would like to pass on this knowledge. Because only those who know about the processes in the body can maintain their health. This is how the Biogena Academy came into being - the central point of contact for knowledge about the functions of micronutrients in the human body.


In the Biogena Academy, it is important to us to have at least one offering ready for everyone who is interested. For example, some formats are aimed exclusively at professionals. At other events, everyone with an interest in health topics is welcome.

To give you a brief overview, we have summarized all event formats for you:


In the Biogena Academy, at least one event is available for everyone.

Participants at an event for people without medical training

Compact Course MicronutrientCoach®

The compact course is a 4-day or online training to become a certified MicronutrientCoach®. In this course, you will acquire relevant basic knowledge about micronutrients, their possible applications and interactions with the human body. If you are interested in the importance and effectiveness of micronutrients, you will not be able to avoid the compact course. The course content is not only aimed at people in the health sector, but has also been prepared in an understandable way for all those who are interested in the topics of nutrients and health. You can attend the training in three different variants: as a face-to-face seminar, live webinar (coming soon - currently only in german language) or also as a webinar.



Gain knowledge wherever you are - easily with Biogena Academy webinars. Have you also had the experience that sometimes it is simply not possible to attend a Biogena lecture, but you still want to learn something new?
Since October 2018, you can gain Biogena knowledge no matter where you are. That's freedom. All you need is online access to our website. Don't have online access yet? Then register easily and free of charge hereand start using the expanded Biogena Academy program immediately.  


Live Webinars (coming soon - currently only in german language)

Our live webinars meet the ravages of time, take the opportunity to educate yourself in the comfort of your own home. Despite the physical distance, this format gives you the opportunity to get in touch with the speakers and other participants and ask questions. All you need is online access to our website. You do not have online access yet? Then register easily and for free here


Specialty Continuing Education (coming soon - currently only in german language)

With our specialist advanced training courses, we specifically address medical professionals as well as persons with completed health and medical professions. In the one-day or multi-day training courses, explicit contents are deepened and presented in a practical manner. In Germany and Switzerland, you can already submit continuing education points to the respective institutes with our continuing education courses. Take the opportunity to broaden your horizons and network with colleagues at the same time.

People with a medical education background at a Biogena Academy event.

VIP Event

To make the Biogena Academy offer even more attractive, a VIP event is held once a year. For this purpose, top-class and internationally renowned speakers are brought to Vienna. What does a VIP event look like? Only medical professionals are entitled to attend. For one evening, the selected keynote speaker will give a lecture on a topic, which will be discussed in greater depth in a subsequent panel discussion among experts. The latest study results and research findings will be highlighted. By the way, participation is free of charge.



Coming soon - currently only in german language: 


In the podcast series "Lisa explains the world of micronutrients", expert speaker Lisa Ressi shares her wealth of experience in a dialogue with Jeannette Aininger, Head of the Biogena Academy. In our "Academy Talk" you will experience personal conversations with doctors, therapists and experts from the healthcare sector. In the Biogena Academy podcast, we speak plain language. We shed light on a variety of health topics and explain interrelationships. Our goal is to make complex expert knowledge about micronutrients easy and quick to understand, so that everyone can live a fantastic life.


"Meeting Points" Micronutrients 

The Meeting Points Micronutrients are designed as impulse lectures by experts for experts. The Biogena Academy hosts these scientific lectures with a leisurely exchange of experiences and interests among colleagues. The meeting points are aimed at medical professionals, as well as people with completed health and healing professions. Participation is completely free of charge.


Club Events

In our club events, we aim to spark your interest in maintaining your health. In order to appeal to a wide audience with these events, we offer a diverse range of topics. Since the beginning, there have been more than 300 lectures with top international speakers in more than 12 cities in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Take the chance to learn new things and benefit from valuable health knowledge. As a Biogena Club member, you have the advantage of attending our Club events free of charge. You are not yet a club member? Then register here.


Taken from an aerial perspective: Participants sitting comfortably over coffee during an event.
The Biogena Academy - a success story
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The Biogena Academy is founded

Biogena GmbH & Co KG, based in Salzburg, is today one of the most innovative and successful micronutrient manufacturers in Austria. A competent team of doctors, nutritionists and pharmacists oversees the development of the range, which is characterized by meaningful and practical compositions. This cooperation represents an important aspect of our work.

For this reason, Biogena would especially like to make the knowledge about micronutrients widely available and round off the extensive range of services with further training events for doctors, therapists and all health-conscious people within the framework of the Biogena Academy.

The Biogena Academy has thus been launched.

The first club events take place

The first evening events are offered as an incentive for Biogena Club customers. The concept of free club events is thus born. In order to appeal to a broad audience with the events, we offer a diverse range of topics.

First training series for the MicronutrientCoach® in Austria

As an extension of the offer, the 4-day training to the compact course MicronutrientCoach® is offered for the first time in Austria. This course is a compact basic training on the extensive subject area of micronutrients. The course is designed as a continuing education, with which you can complement your already acquired knowledge in a health profession.

New look

The Biogena Academy also shines in new splendor. In the course of a brand relaunch, the Biogena brand was completely revamped graphically.

MicronutrientCoach® goes international and is extended by expert modules

The MicronutrientCoach® is now also offered in Germany. In addition to the offer, the expert modules are designed for graduates of the compact course MikronährstoffCoach®. The expert modules build purely on the content of the compact course MikronährstoffCoach®. The compact course MicronutrientCoach® is at the beginning the prerequisite for participation in the expert program.


The first "meeting points" micronutrients allow for much discussion

Impulse lectures By experts for experts - "Meeting Points" Micronutrients - will be included in the event program. The meeting points have been conceived as a discussion round and as an exchange of experience among colleagues.

The offer grows: special formats are organized

Extraordinary formats such as alkaline fasting or individually designed cooking workshops are making inroads into the Biogena Academy. 

Maximum flexibility: webinars are offered

Listen to fantastic about vitamin D, hemp, healing fasting and much more. The Biogena webinars are recorded by well-known speakers such as Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Spitz especially for the academy.

The first podcasts are recorded

Another format is taking shape! The first two great podcasts "Lisa explains the world of micronutrients" and our "Biogena Academy Talk" have been successfully recorded and will go online soon.

LIVE Webinars round off the great offer

April 2020, the first live webinars will be held at the Biogena Academy. The MicronutrientCoach® and various specialist webinars with great speakers such as Prof. Dr. med. univ. Harald Stossier are available. Knowledge acquisition in your own four walls.

Participant of the Biogena trade audience reads off information
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